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Region 1 of the Certified Horsemanship Association is made up of like-minded men and women of the Pacific Northwest who want to see people introduced to the world of horses in a way that is safe, fun and educational. As an organization and as a region we are committed to providing opportunities for growth and education.  

One of the ways we achieve that goal is through our annual CHA Region 1 Conference

March 2-5, 20223 at Miracle Ranch in Port Orchard, Washington.

Why Certify?

Horses and people are all different. Consequently you will find that there is a huge difference of opinion about how horses should be ridden handled and cared for. CHA provides a set of practices that are widely accepted in the horse industry while allowing the individual the freedom to choose the method, style, or discipline that best suits them. Certification means that a person has been evaluated and shown to be up to par with industry standards for their level of horsemanship. The CHA level system is basic horsemanship that applies to anyone who is around horses.



The backbone of CHA is the English Western Instructor (EWI) certification. It is a four level western and English riding instructor certification. This is the most common type of certification (see other certification types) and path to certification.



Each year Region 1 hosts a conference over four days to provide opportunities for people to grow in their knowledge by networking, sharing resources, and gaining from our collective experiences. A conference is one of the best introductions to CHA and it can provide individuals with the knowledge how to gain certification as a rider, instructor, or certifier as well as broaden their skills. 



The Certified Horsemanship Association is an international board run organization that also has three full time staff members. It is based in Lexington, Kentucky and has strong grass-roots participation.

The US and Canada are broken down into eleven regions each with a regional director triad. The Triad is responsible for the development of the organization in each of their regions with oversight provided by the national office.


Region 1

The Region is currently being led by a triad of Regional Directors Debbie Holmes, Phil Peterson. and Rowanne Fairchild. There are a number of other key people who provide insight into the direction of the Region. The team is always looking for talented, forward thinking volunteers to help lead. We will be seeking nominations for State and Provincial Representatives, as well as a Regional Director in 2024.



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