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Certification Types

EWI Certification

English (including jumping) Western Instructor  (EWI) Certification has 4 levels. English instructor certification can be achieved as flatwork or flatwork and jumping. Certification may be earned in a 40 hour certification, if standards are met.

This certification is good for three years and can be maintained. There are numerous host sites across the country each year and EWI Certifications  typically run $600 to $900 including CHA manuals. Some include meals and lodging.

Trail Guide

This is a four level instructor or pack guide certification. Certifications last three to five days. This certification is good for three years and can be maintained. There are only a few host sites across the country each year and certifications typically run $750 to $800 including CHA  manuals.

Equine Facility Management

The Equine Facility Management (EFM) program is a twenty-hour certification clinic to evaluate participants on their skills and knowledge of equine facility management. Participants will demonstrate skills and take a written test at each of four levels of certification.

Driver and Driving Instructor 


For driving instructors who teach group lessons in the camp or commercial driving school setting, and for recreational or commercial drivers. Certification includes single and team driving with multiple vehicle types. Both breast collar and collar harness are addressed. 

Instructor for Riders with Dissabilities 

HwH IRD pic_o.jpg

For instructors working in programs that provide recreational, instructional, or mainstream riding for persons with disabilities. The materials and curriculum of these certification clinics are specific to the various considerations, adaptations, applications, contraindications, adaptive equipment, and horses used in riding programs that serve persons with physical and/or cognitive disabilities

Vaulting Coach 

A 24 hour certification clinic, conducted in three days, is held as a stand-alone clinic. Certification is available at three levels and qualifies the individual to coach vaulting through walk/ trot and up to canter in either a recreational and/or competition vaulting program.


For trail guides dealing with rides from very short up to day long. Day Ride Trail Guide Certification Clinics are similar in format and content to the EWI Clinic, but there is an emphasis on trail guiding skills displayed rather than teaching lessons in the arena setting. 


For use in recreational programs, lower level instructional programs and programs that include both progressive skill building and trail riding. Combined Certification Clinics offer both English Western Instructor Certification and Trail Guide Certification, up to the second level in each program.

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